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It's All About the Light!

I'm a natural light photographer. My first wedding of the year gave me magical light. I stole the bride and groom away for a few moments and was able to capture the following photos!

As my family and friends up in Canada say, it's getting dusky. This is the perfect word for when the sun starts to go down and the light has a glow to it. A little pink, orange, yellow, some blue, it's the light that I call magic. It gives photos rich and romantic feel. Waiting for this light is sometimes tedious. So when you think it's almost there, go out and get your shots. By the time you are set up, it will be perfect. Don't wait until it's "perfect", because then the darkness may fall too quickly and your window of light may slip away.

So that you can see the difference in lighting, below is a photo taken of the happy couple when the sun was still high in the sky. It's a beautiful photo, but doesn't have the softer and dusky light. It follows my main style which is light and airy.

My tip would be to pay close attention to the light and how it is "dancing" off the surroundings. Grab your bride and groom and capture them under the magic. They won't be disappointed you stole them away.

Happy capturing!


Bethany M.K.

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