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When You Say, "I Do".

Weddings are the most difficult, stressful and craziest events to photograph. But, when you are the photographer for one of the most precious days in someone's life, it creates this magical effect. Knowing that what you are capturing moments that will be treasured and essentially will be left as a legacy, that is when it is worth every aching back, drop of sweat and moment of stress.

I have photographed two weddings this season and they were both absolutely stunning! I knew the two couples, so I'm sure I'm a tad bias, but when you know even a hint of the love story from the couple, it helps you capture the tiny moments. These are some of my favorite photos. His face when his bride is walking down the aisle, the way their hands cling to each other during the vows, family faces when they are pronounced husband and wife... The list goes on.

When Amy and Matt from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada asked me to be their photographer, I jumped at the opportunity! I met these two last summer at my cousins wedding (that I was also the photographer for) and thought they were a charming couple. Amy is a gorgeous young woman with a sweet but fiery personality. She can shoot a gun with the best of 'em. Matt is a hard working and quiet guy, who would drop anything to help a friend. The two of them together, again, make a beautiful couple that I am honored to know and grateful for their friendship.

The wealth of knowledge that I have gained from each wedding I have shot, is priceless. I feel as though I have my flow now. I am comfortable being in the middle of people and I am learning my own style more and more.

When looking for a wedding photographer, make sure you look for three things.

1. Is my photographer consistent.

Do the last three weddings that your potential photographer show quality throughout all of the photos they have posted and do they stay in the same mediums? If a photographer is all over the place, they do not know what their style is yet. I tend to stay in a lighter, airy medium or a matte black and white medium for weddings.

2. Does the style of your potential photographer reflect what you want to see in your final photos?

If you are looking for vintage, make sure your photographer reflects that. If you are needing a modern photographer, make sure their previous photos are what you want yours to look like. Check our reviews if available also. You cannot redo your wedding photos and you want a photographer who will capture YOU as you are.

3. Make sure you get along with your photographer. This is why I encourage couples to take engagement pictures with me first. This way, we get to know each other and different personalities. It makes for an easier wedding day too. Being comfortable and trusting your photographer will allow you to relax just a little bit.

Weddings are my favorite! They bring me so much joy when I look through my lens and capture a moment that they may not even know that happened. It's an art and I look forward to learning as much as I can over the years to come. When you have a passion as I do it doesn't make it work, it is a privilege and the most rewarding of times!

So thank you for reading and I hope this gives you a glimpse into my view behind the camera along with a few helpful tips in searching for your wedding photographer.


Bethany M.K.

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